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FMG Certified™ Program

Pumps, Maintenance, Management, Conversions

For engineers, technicians, scientists and purchasing professionals who must have the most reliable vacuum pumps, the FMG Certified™ Program provides the highest quality in rebuild products and services.

Unlike alternatives from other pump rebuilders, the FMG Certified™ Program assures that you’ll get products as good as, or better than new. And, it’s backed by a superior warranty because FMG always goes the extra mile.

FMG Certified™ Program is a validation process of the technical competencies and expertise needed to plan, deploy, support and service FMG’s pumps. The Program is structured with certification and emphasis on precision, reliability, durability and performance. We are confident that each Rebuild Pump that leaves FMG has been thoroughly inspected by our factory certified technicians and backed by our certification process.

Since 1985, FMG has been building, and servicing tens of thousands of pumps for professionals from the smallest to the world’s largest users of vacuum process systems. Our commitment is to keep your team focused on productivity and breakthroughs. FMG is the Gold Standard for Rebuild Pumps because FMG pumps work right the first time – every time.

FMG Certified™ Program:

  • Procedure of Rebuild: FMG has developed its own internal disassembly, cleaning, reliability, testing, detailing and shipping.
  • Technicians: Our technicians are FMG and/or factory trained and certified on each pump type.
  • Documentation: Disassembly, evaluation, build sheet, data sheet, final assembly sheet. Test and Quality Assurance sheet, Paint QA and shipping documentation are recorded.
  • Pump Tracking: FMG’s own internal database monitors incoming rebuilds in every stage of the rebuild process.


  • Up to 300+ point inspection depending on pump type
  • Electrical/Module/Software
  • Mechanical and Electronic Parameters
  • Perform Vacuum Integrity Leak Check Beyond OEM Specs
  • 24-36 Hr. Performance Burn-In Reliability Checks
  • Final Inspection Check for Quality Assurance


  • Foresee potential problem areas before any occurrences may arise
  • Extends pump life, positively affects bottom line with reduced numbers of pump rebuilds or purchases
  • Maximize overall equipment uptime for production
  • Cost savings
  • Statement of work performed

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