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Founded in 1985 FMG has become the "premier" sales, repair and remanufacturer of vacuum pumps. Consistently providing the semiconductor industry and all other vacuum applications with the highest level of service and vacuum pump rebuilds and repairs. FMG has been working at our present facility since 1985. This location has 20,000 sf of production space and 10,000 sf of warehouse space. Since then, this property has been customized for the rebuilding of large quantities of vacuum pumps. Our number one priority has always been quality and to get the customer back on line as quickly as possible, no matter what it takes.


1986: As a requirement for one of our customers FMG became a JIT approved vendor.
1987: FMG became certified as a SPC (Statistical Process Control) vendor to meet customer's requirements.
1987: FMG became the first "ship to stock vendor" for one of the large OEM's that we rebuild pumps for. FMG always strives to have this type of close relationship with our customers.
1987: FMG became the first of its kind to implement a computerized pump-tracking program. This specialized tracking system enables FMG to monitor customer's pumps through our internal rebuild process and it also provides a permanent rebuild history. The complete history of all pumps rebuilt since 1987 has been "Archived" and all relevant information is readily available upon written request.
1989: FMG purchased Budget Electric giving FMG full electrical repair, motor rebuilding, and motor rewinding capabilities.
1996: FMG added a class 1000 clean room for our turbomolecular pump repair division.
1998: FMG added a new state of the art clean line and a California/BAQMB NZE certified Freon/Perk degreasers. This degreaser is required in the rebuilding process to remove all traces of Fomblin and the customer's by-product from the pump.
1999: FMG was awarded a contract with a major semiconductor process tool manufacturer to provide all in-house pump maintenance and all vacuum pump rebuilds for their Asset Recovery Management (ARM) Team.
2001: FMG developed the first vacuum pump Customer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) which documents all real time activity related to vacuum pumps used in a Fab environment.
2003: FMG expanded the Cryogenic pump and Compressor repair division with additional clean room area and techs.
2007: FMG Announces Industry First: FMG Certified™ Pump Program. (see news & events for more information)
2008: FMG passes Solar Industry Milestone by providing services to 10th major Solar Products manufacturer.
2009: FMG Expands the sales of remanufactured pumps out of Santa Clara facility with an inventory of over 450 pumps.
2010: FMG enters into New pump market and begins selling both FMG-BRAND Vacuum pumps. Initial products that are certified are the Hanbell, FMG-DRY, and the VRC FMG-VANE pump lines. FMG invests in special tooling for Dry Pump remanufacturing and training takes place in Taiwan. FMG technicians are factory trained and certified by FMG.
2011: FMG adds the Anest Iwata Scroll Pump – FMG-SCROLL and becomes factory authorized service and sales distributer. FMG technicians are factory trained and certified by FMG.
2012: FMG signs exclusive contract with Toyota Industrial Vacuum Pump division TICO, to service all TICO dry pumps. The contract is in place to 2018. FMG has been the only North American factory authorized service center for TICO dry pumps since 2004. FMG technicians are factory trained in Japan and are all certified by FMG. FMG adopts TICO procedures and integrates procedures into FMG Dry pump rebuild service department for all pumps.
2013: FMG signs contact with Ulvac to distribute FMG-DRY pump to compete with ACP and IPUP dry pumps. CFM range from 16 to 35 CFM. FMG now has competitive products in all vane and dry pump categories. FMG introduces the Low footprint Handbell FMG-DRY PDF series pump to compete with small footprint IPUP pump customers.
2014: FMG celebrates our 29th year in business. FMG exceeds 100,000 vacuum pumps remanufactured and sold through FMG. FMG introduces the Low profile FS series FMG-DRY pump. FMG introduces our universal FS80 series dry pump which replaces Q, IQDP and IH series dry pumps. FMG-DRY FS series universal pumps is plug and play and a cost effective new replacement pump upgrade for all Edwards Q,IQDP,IH and IL series dry pumps.
2014: FMG signs contract to service and support OSAKA Industrial piston pumps for North America. November 2014 FMG technicians are factory trained in Japan and certified by FMG. All OSAKA Industrial piston pumps will be serviced by FMG in FMG Santa Clara facility. FMG is proud of our third contract with Japanese Manufacturing company. FMG is proud to partner with world class OEM manufacturers in the industrial Vacuum pump segments. FMG quality is improving constantly with the training and factory support we receive.

Founders of FMG

F: Bill Ferrel (Marketing)
M: Mike McCarthy (Administration)
G: Gary Govola (Production)

FMG current chain of command

  • Gary Govola (CEO/President)
  • Mike Silva (Vice President/Director Operations)
  • Chris Long (VP of Sales/Marketing)
  • Tracey Govola (Treasurer)


  • Full time employees: 40
  • Full time employees at FMG more than 5 years: 70%
  • Full time employees with FMG since 1985: 20%
  • All employees at FMG are dedicated to making sure that all of our customers are satisfied.

The Vacuum Pump Sales,
Repair & Rebuild Experts

FMG headquarters

Alcatel Kinney Vacuum
BOC Edwards Leybold Precision Vacuum
Busch Sargent Welch
Balzers/Pfeiffer Seiko Seiki
CTI/Helix Stokes
Ebara Varian
Dry Pumps Piston Pumps
Vane Pumps Oil Filtration Systems
Turbo Pumps Blowers
Cryo Pumps Cryo Compressors
Scroll Pumps Pump Motors
Diffusion Pumps Industrial Pumps
Liquid Ring Pumps 10 CFM - 20,000 CFM

FMG headquarters


  • 12 Month Warranty on Turbomolecular, Cryogenic & Dry pumps
  • 12 Month Warranty on Vane Pumps
  • Warranty begins from date of shipment to customer
  • Warranties do not cover damage due to process, neglect or improper maintenance


  • Emergency: 24 - 36 Hours
  • Rush: 5-7 working days
  • Standard: 10-15 working days
  • Vacuum pump exchange available


  • FMG's computerized system tracks the progress of each vacuum pump through the complete rebuild process. Historical data is archived and can be utilized by customers to profile the performance of their pumps.


  • Pumps are tested as individual modules
  • Modules are assembled into packages and helium-leak checked
  • Complete systems are "bagged" and tested
  • Pumps are connected to a test jig and run tested for a minimum of 24 hrs
  • Pumps are speed tested and load tested to AVS Standards


  • Vane & Dry pump shafts or sleeves can be coated to eliminate leaks
  • FMG designed hydraulic disassembly tool reduces rotor and claw galling
  • Custom vapor degreaser cleaning system eliminates cross contamination
  • Turbo pumps are stripped, cleaned & balanced in an in-house clean room


  • FMG's on-site machining & welding capabilities expedite the rebuild process
  • Surface regrinding and de-burring help reduce expensive critical parts


  • Motor Rewinding & Full electrical repair capabilities
  • Rebuild or modification of any electrical control panel
  • All pump motors are load tested separately after pump disassembly
  • Motor bearings are replaced on every dry pump and blower
  • Motor end plates are re-sleeved with stainless steel sleeves when worn


  • Pumps are painted in standard OEM colors. Customers can request special colors to indicate corrosive, non-corrosive, Fomblin, etc.
  • High VOC paints are utilized to ensure that all volatile organic compounds are out-gassed in FMG's Bay Area Air Quality Permitted Spray Booth and not in the customer's facility.with all Local, State and Federal environmental laws.


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FMG Enterprises has been servicing and rebuilding vacuum pumps and peripherals since 1985 for customers that depend upon cost-effective, ultra-reliable vacuum systems. FMG is staffed by experienced equipment engineering professionals who continually work to achieve the best results for every customer.

FMG introduced the industry's first certified pump program delivering superior quality and reliability by ensuring that each pump is rebuilt to meet or exceed standards established by their original manufacturers. The FMG Certified™ Pump program reflects the quality delivered to leading equipment manufacturers who demand superior components, rigorous inspection & testing at every stage of rebuild.

FMG specializes in Turbomolecular and Cryogenic vacuum pumps that are rebuilt for customers worldwide. Turbomolecular pumps are rebuilt utilizing specialized cleaning equipment and a testing and balancing system housed within an on-site clean room. FMG rebuilds all other OEM pumps and also buys, sells, trades, and customizes pumps to meet specific application requirements. Special discounts are available for DoD and University customers.

FMG is proud to have long relationships with major vacuum pump manufacturers including being an authorized service center for companies such as Kinney Vacuum, Stokes, and Alcatel. From the smallest vacuum pump to 10,000 CFM pumps, FMG has the capability to offer a broad range of products and services to meet any customer's requirements. FMG's Santa Clara facility has 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space, 10,000 feet of pump inventory plus a 500 square foot clean room.

FMG provides many product support solutions including Exchange Programs, on-site Pump Management Programs, Training Programs and Preventative Maintenance Programs.

FMG utilizes 22 plus years of experience to engineer a best-of-breed method in choosing the optimal combination of OEM and third-party parts to provide maximum pump performances.

FMG's number one priority is to get the customer back on line as quickly as possible, no matter what it takes.


FMG will partner with customers to accomplish the installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair or removal of vacuum pumps and peripherals. FMG's staff of factory trained technicians provide maintenance capabilities that enable them to deliver high quality vacuum pumps. Our technicians are also backed by a unique in-house training program to provide proficient skills and aptitude in maintenance services. Employees are enrolled in a continuous hazardous materials, safe handling, and decontamination training program to ensure compliancy with all Local, State and Federal environmental laws.

Preventative Maintenance (PM) Program

  • FMG has the ability to perform Preventative, Predictive, and Corrective maintenance on process vacuum pumps and related equipment.
  • Interval PM service for 3 month, 6 month and annual PM service to support overall maintenance strategies.
  • Verification of the integrity of the vacuum pipeline; troubleshooting from the intake side and exhaust side to pump or abatement system.

Pump Management Program

  • FMG's Custom Software Group can assist in managing pump inventory and reduce maintenance costs dramatically.
  • FMG is equipped with a computerized system to track and schedule preventative maintenance, as well as preserve historical data to monitor the life cycle of your vacuum pump.
  • Inventory control monitoring and action call control observation software is available to accommodate each customer's needs. Reports include work orders, action calls, failure categories, transcription logs, budget forecasts, customer activities, etc.
  • Installation and start up of new pumps and support hardware.
  • Decommission or complete disposal of pumps from tools.
  • Tear down and cleansing of exhaust pipelines from pump to abatement systems.
  • Solution advice on system configurations and equipment for correct process application setup.
  • Safety walk-throughs performed by site Support technicians.

Start up / Shutdown Support

  • Shutdown / start-up support of pumps during all required shutdown events; including major holidays.
  • Removal of pump for repair from the 'doghouse' location or from the customers equipment.

Vacuum Pump Training Programs

  • Explanation and training on the assembly and preventative maintenance helps your team understand the inner workings of vacuum pumps. You get better acquainted with your systems to recognize early signs of trouble and to prevent premature failures, and costly downtime.

Vane to Dry Pump Upgrades

  • The cost to maintain a single vane pump in one year can easily cost more than upgrading to an FMG rebuilt Dry Pump. A Vane to Dry pump Upgrade ensures that you eliminate the risk of process contamination due to oil migrating from the Vane pump.

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